Saturday, April 16, 2011


Zara fur vest. My own pleated skirt. Asos harness belt. Jeffrey Campbell Lita. Bangles & bracelets from Asos/Aldo/Thrifted/SH. Rings from Asos/F21.

Note to self: Gotta.Stop.Taking.Supper.Everynight.Just.Because.Brainstorming.Is.Exhausting.

P.S. For those are are interested in the pleated mini, do drop me an email at for further inquiries... Cheers! xxx


Bub said...

I love love love this outfit! The pleated skirt is to die for and I love your jewelry

One Love,

Fashion Agony said...

In love with your jewelry!


Panda said...

The belt is so original, and the blue socks pump the black outfit, I like this outfit a lot!

Kalina said...

awesome look, I love it!

greetings from

Cristine said...

this outfit is amazing!
the socks pop out so much!

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alice said...

you remind me of betty boop, beautiful!