Wednesday, October 13, 2010


F21 top, pants and ring. Jeffrey Campbell Lita. Mum's vintage necklace.

Hey all, how is everything? You have no idea how much I misses the blogosphere, it helps keep me sane.. I especially misses all you lovers and all my usual reads(Being completely detached from all my fave fashion blogs are killing me). So most would know, I have been extremely busy preparing my sister's wedding, it has drained me dry both emotionally and mentally. I am always too tired to blog, however just know I am still here and misses blogging, hopefully life will be back to the norm soon. Cause I really am losing myself! Will promise to squeeze in more time for blogging. Please be patient with poor ol Mel! xxx

P.S. I apologize for the psychotic rant. But this is how mental I've been in these past couple of days.


mikala said...

great and stunning outfit! I love your top, it's really beautifull and this boots.. dream!

greetings from

Sophia said...

Ah I love your blog! i just found you on chictopia! you have amazing style. I just started mine, i only have like 4 outfits up haha

but i'm following you now! 'course.

xx, sophia

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that top is from F21, WOW!