Friday, October 8, 2010


Eclipse floppy hat. No brand sheer dress from ShoeShoeShoe - BSC. Jeffrey Campbell Lita. Necklace from iD - HK. Bangle & Bracelet from thrifted/Topshop.

I bring horrible news. A couple of days ago our guard dog, Rocky & a 25 yrs old bird(sounds ridiculous, but true) passed away. Everyone cried and buried them together so they can still accompany one another wherever they are at. The title is dedicated to them, they will forever be missed & remembered.
Now back to something fashion related, this dress is my new awesome find, when I saw the sheerness, I knew I have to bring it home. Ahh.. My undying love for anything sheer. Anyhow, did I mention I finally bought my Herve Leger and it is AMAZING! But you will have to wait cause I will be wearing it for my sister's wedding, tho I really can't wait any longer! Alright lovers, gotta run... Have a great weekend! xxx


mikala said...

lovely look! I like your dress and boots, it's awesome!

greetings from

Anonymous said...

You looki amazing! Beautiful dots!

Jennifer said...

sorry for your loss Mel, the sheer dress looks great on you!

megan said...

nice.. but shoes shoes shoes is very pricey

Skinny Walk said...

Love this look!