Friday, June 10, 2011


Very old Tank from DKNY. Two twisted Asos belt. Converse shoes. The Cambridge Satchel bag. My own maxi skirt, two tone shades and faux fox tail.

Bad blogger in da house. Yes. I am. Guilty as charged.*Slaps herself in shame*
But work's been hectic and it's taking up my blogging time. Please understand and don't give up on me YET! Well, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime by my lovely hairstylist, Albert Nico to do a shoot for L'Oreal which by the way will be featured in August's Female and Nu You magazine! It may be nothing for most people, but for someone like myself who isn't good under stress and being camera-shy(Yes, I am.. It took me about two months when I first started this blog to feel comfortable with my boyfriend taking pictures of me), the experience was totally mind blowing and in a good way, cause I had no idea it is this hard to be a model, to have everyone's attention focus on you to make sure you deliver your best is freaking-crazily-disgustingly scary! The pressure and stress, I was literally shaking and shaking and shaking, I could have sworn I almost passed out! To all the models out there, I have a whole new level of respect for you. Know that! Alright lovers, remember to stay tune and check me out in August! Hopefully it turns out great! xxx

P.S. For those interested in the skirt, faux fur or shades do drop me an email at for further inquiries... Cheers!


Kalina said...

you look amazing! skirt is gorgeous!

Harry High Panties said...

you're making me want candy. Love the colours.

Jaimi said...

I just randomly found your blog and I love your style! Especially this outfit! It's very late 90s/minimalist but feels fresh.
Good luck with everything, too!